Tango Women's Edwardian Boot (Silver)


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Tango Edwardian Boots are just as seductive as the Tango dance craze that swept the world in the 1910s. Designed to show off the legs, these gorgeous lace-up boots are based on several antique examples from 1900 through 1920. Tango features a deliciously curved shaft and scalloped tabs, which are laced with double-faced satin ribbon laces. Tango comes with two sets of ribbon laces, for adjustable sizing. Smooth leather uppers are stunning in a variety of beautiful colors. Tango sports a brand-new, custom 3.5 inch/ 8.9 cm French heel- our highest heel yet! Tango's heel is just as curvy and sumptuous as it is well-balanced, so you can dance the night away.


Size Trends Runs true to size for most customers.
Width Regular (B) width
Size Chart
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Color Silver
Upper Leather
Lining Leather
Sole 4mm sealed leather
Heel Custom French heel
Heel Height 3.5 inches/ 8.9 cm
Footbed Lightly padded
Closure Lace-up
Design Designed in Reno, Nevada, USA
Materials China
Assembly Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Victoria Markl
The worst shoes I ever bought from AD

The fit was true to size, the color was also very nice but the boot is not made very well.
The satin ribbons do not support your foot at all and they also look pretty bad on the leg. It gives a sausage look, because you have to lace them super tight.
But the worst part is the boot shaft. It is SO narrow in the back and looks really really weird on the leg if you don't have super skinny legs. I would say I have normal legs and the proportions were completely off.
And i's not holding up like on the picture. The leather creases horizontally between the grommets in the back which started to hurt after a few minutes. You can even see a bit of that happening on the product picture. On the left leg between grommet 2 and 3 the leather starts to fold, forming those creases. I obviously sent them back.
I really cannot recommand this style of shoes even though the heel is SO nice. I hope American Duchess will release more shoes with exactly this high heel but a better fitting shoe.

We're sorry these weren't a match for you! While we strive to make shoes that work for a variety of feet/legs (part of why this style comes with two lengths of laces, to better adjust to different leg sizes) no shoe can be a perfect fit for every single person, which is why we have a very generous returns policy. The size of the shaft in the back is accurate to historical originals, and whether or not someone likes it is going to depend a lot on their personal aesthetics. If the Tango isn't quite your vibe, you might like the Colettes instead!

Katinka Melchiorsen
Perfect shoes

I'm so happy with my tango boots, I'm usually a size 37 and I ordered a size 7 and they fits perfectly. The only thing I dislike was the lace, for me they look to modern and to synthetic in the textile (not silk). But it was quite easy for me to buy a new set of laces and add them to the shoes, I'd pick a pair of laces that are thin and very similar to the one they used in the original tango boots.

Very pretty

I love these shoes, though they are a bit small in the sizing. I have taken 8,5 for all my shoes but I think ot would've been better for me if I had taken size 9 for these ones. Apart from that I love them very much.

Lumia Gaveau
A simple dream

This re-edition is, in my humble opinion, even better than the former version.
They are perfect in every way, I tested spending an entire party in them and was not once uncomfortable. I have rather wide feet, so I was scared at first, but they adapted quite well.
I’m so excited to have other parties in them !