Astoria Women's Edwardian Leather Shoes (Black)


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Astoria Edwardian Shoes are authentic, elegant, and perfectly styled to match your Downton Abbey, Titanic, and Gatsby costumes.

Uniquely styled from an original pair of Edwardian shoes, these lattice-strapped shoes work perfectly for daytime picnics or evening soirees, from World War I to the Roaring Twenties, and date from 1900 to 1925.

The custom made French heel offers style and stability, while the gently pointed toe looks delicate and won't pinch.

Materials & Sizing

  • 100% calf skin leather upper
  • Lined in 100% leather
  • 100% smooth leather soles
  • Functional buttons can be moved to fit straps to high or low arches.
  • Custom made French heels are 1.75 inches high, and perfectly balanced for all-day comfort.
  • "B" width (average).
  • Runs true to size for most customers.
  • Order a half-size larger if you prefer your shoes to fit more loosely, have "C" width feet, or intend to wear with thicker stockings


Size Trends Runs true to size for most customers.
Width Women's regular/medium width
Size Chart
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Color Black
Upper 100% Calf Leather
Lining Pigskin leather
Sole Leather
Heel Leather Covered
Heel Height 1.75 inch / 4.4 cm
Footbed Lightly Padded
Closure Button Straps
Design Designed in Reno, Nevada, USA
Materials People's Republic of China
Assembly Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Put them on and don't want to take them off

My first pair of American Duchess shoes and certainly won't be the last – I'm in love! I decided to order half a size up after reading the reviews, knowing that I've got thick ankles and high insteps that might need some extra room. Definitely the right decision. I might have fit in the smaller size too but I doubt it would've been as comfey. The straps fit really well, especially the lower ones. My toes have more room that I anticipated, but I'm pretty sure they won't complain. The heel hight is exactly what I hoped for since I plan to have these as my everyday shoes. And they're so pretty!

I also want to thank Christina for helping out with my order that had some postal hiccups. Wonderful customer service and wonderful shoes!

Love these! (Even with my high instep and bunions)

I have a high instep and therefore was afraid I might need half a size bigger (10.5 was sold out, so I went with my regular size 10 instead). They fit perfectly though. I’m able to close them without a button hook (I have quite long nails though, and that does definitely help). And even with my high instep, bunions and quite wide feet they don’t hurt me at all. FYI: I bought them to wear on stage, so I never wear them for very long periods of time.

Personally I don’t agree with some of the colour complaints in some reviews. These shoes are definitely ivory. However, I have been a wedding photographer for the last 12 years and have found that many people are surprised by what different shades of white/ivory/cream/off-white/etc actually look like. At least to my trained eye, these don’t look grey at all (and based on previous reviews I was kind of hoping they would be tbh). They’re gorgeous and I hope to wear them in many musicals!

OK shoes

Great shoes. I thought they'd be creamy ivory, mine are more on the grayish side - sad about this. They are also very hard.
Apart from that, they are cool.

So very comfy!

They arrived so fast! Ordered them and the next day they were here.
They fit perfectly, I don't have to move the buttons or anything. I did order half a size up, so that might've made the difference.
Wore them the next day and they were amazingly comfy. I walked around on them for hours and hours and they only starting to feel a bit of a pinch in the toes after a LOT of walking (and riding my bicycle). But the more I wear them the longer I'll be able to keep them on probably.
I love that the heel is a bit shorter than other high heeled shoes.
It's really nice to be able to wear good looking and elegant high heeled shoes without the discomfort and pain of them being too high (I have fibromyalgia, back problems etc, so comfortable shoes are key) I will be saving up to buy more of the lower high heeled shoes in different styles in the future.

Needed to use a shoe stretcher, but now I wear them all the time.

Bought a pair of these last year. I usually order UK size 7 and never really have a problem with the fit. I ordered these in US size 9, and when they came they were too tight around the toes.

This is the first time I've owned a pair of shoes with an "almond" toe shape, so I didn't really know how they were going to fit. I used a shoe stretcher to make the toe wider and now they are perfect. I can wear them all day. If I bought them again I might consider buying them half a size bigger.